Why Diabetic LifeCare ?

Conventional Diabetic management aims to control blood glucose levels. These include oral tablets and injectable insulins. These conventional treatments are very proficient in controlling glucose levels but they directly address the blood vessel, nerve and organ damage.

Diabetic LifeCare is designed to help fix and repair diabetic damage by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. Diabetes causes a range of damage across the entire body known as “the Complications of Diabetes”. These are the result of nerve, blood vessel and organ damage.

Diabetic LifeCare is designed to be used alongside your glucose controlling treatment. It is not meant to replace your tablets or insulin. 


Heart disease, stroke and kidney disease - Diabetic LifeCare contains ingredients that are able stimulate repair processes in the blood vessels. The net result is that the rate of repair is faster than the rate of diabetic damage.  This translates to very good news for diabetic people. By decreasing the rate of diabetic damage, Diabetic LifeCare is able to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

Eyes- Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the eyes. This results in cataract formation. Lifecare promotes blood vessel repair and helping to delay and prevent cataract development. Many Diabetic LifeCare clients experience improved vision.

Importance – Importance is common in Diabetic men due to the damage to the nerves and blood vessels. Diabetic LifeCare helps to prevent and repair the nerve and blood vessel damage.

Urinary Incontinence is the involuntary leak of urine. It occurs due to damage to the nerves of the bladder. Diabetic LifeCare helps to prevent and repair the nerve damage.

Cramps – Cramps are a sign of reduced blood circulation and reduced oxygen in the blood and muscle. Diabetic LifeCare helps to repair the narrowed blood vessels. Many Diabetic LifeCare users have experienced decrease in and cure from cramps within 10 to 12 days of starting their treatment.

Pins and needles (paraesthesia) The sensation of pins and needles is caused when the blood supply to the nerves is decreased. Diabetic LifeCare helps to prevent and repair the blood vessels. Lifecare patients experience significate improvements to pins and needles in the first month of their treatment.

Burning Feet – Burning feet are a sign of nerve damage. Diabetic LifeCare is able to help repair the nerves and bring relief to burning feet.

Numbness - Numbness is a sign of extreme nerve damage.  Hundreds of Diabetic LifeCare patients have regained the feeling in their feet. This is a very significant development

Diabetic foot sores and ulcers. Lifecare offers a specialized treatment program that is able to assist in the repair of diabetic sore and ulcers. See our testimonials page for some of the Diabetic LifeCare success stories